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Toolbox for the USAHEC Veterans Ambassador Program


The single stop for Veterans Ambassadors' needs.


Individual mentored online training is now available!  If you are interested in becoming a USAHEC Veterans Ambassador, click on the tab for Online Training below!

VAP Administrator Contact:

What is the Veterans Ambassador Program?

The VAP is a nation-wide USAHEC initiative to train citizens as volunteer oral historians to collect Army Veteran stories for inclusion in the Army's historical archives.

The Veterans Ambassador Mission:

REPRESENT - Interact with local veterans and attend events to promote awareness of the Veterans Ambassador Program and the USAHEC
SURVEY - Distribute and collect the USAHEC's Veterans Service Survey
INTERVIEW - Conduct oral histories with U.S. Army Veterans to preserve their stories

USAHEC Veterans Ambassador Online Oral History Self-Training

Online Training to become a USAHEC Veterans Ambassador is easy and consists of working directly with a USAHEC VAP team member via email and telephone.  Please note, you must be over the age of 18 to become a USAHEC Veterans Ambassador.  Just follow the below steps:

  1. Sign Up: Contact the USAHEC VAP team via email at  Be sure to include your Name, Location, Phone Number, and a short description of your experiences and why you want to be a Veterans Ambassador.  Also include a few dates and times that work for you for a phone call.
  2. Chat:  Talk to the VAP administrator to discuss the program and to answer any questions you have.
  3. Read:  Download the Veterans Ambassador Handbook and the Appendix A documents.  Read the handbook carefully, taking notes and writing questions you may have about the program.
  4. Practice:  Complete the following assignments -
    • CHOOSE one of the Veterans features in the "Sample Interviews" section of this toolbox.
    • READ the Veterans Service Survey for your Veteran.
    • RESEARCH your Veteran based on the Survey.
    • WRITE a Q/T List per the VAP Handbook and email it to the VAP Administrator.
    • LISTEN to the Interview for your Veteran.
    • COMPARE your Q/T list to the interview.  Make notes on how your Q/T list is similar or different from what you hear in the interview.
    • WRITE a short critique of the interview based on what you learned from the handbook.  Listen to other interviews for comparison, as well.
    • DISCUSS your conclusions with the VAP Administrator via telephone.
  5. Fill out your paperwork:  The VAP Administrator will send you paperwork to sign, including - VAP Ethics Statement, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Volunteer Form, and Critical Emergency Information Form.
  6. Conduct your first interview: Work with the VAP Administrator to conduct your first interview.

After you conduct your first interview, you are a USAHEC Veterans Ambassador!  Congratulations!

Downloads for VAP Training

Useful Research Links

Do you know of a good research resource?  Please contact the USAHEC VAP Administrator to add the link here!

Here is what you need to prepare for and conduct your interview:

Group Training

Trianing is aviable for groups by scheduling a two-day training course.  The course consists of classes provided by a trained instructor (provided by the USAHEC) to teach you how to represent the VAP, how to distribute and collect Veterans Service Surveys, and how to prepare for and conduct an oral history.  All training is in accordance with USAHEC policy and U.S. Army regulations.

The VAP Training Course for Groups:

1) What to look for:

Potential Ambassadors are "people-persons" and like to listen to others.  The best ambassadors will be in small groups; perhaps they are members of a Veterans of Foreign Wars, an American Legion, or volunteer at a local museum.  They will know that being an Ambassador is hard work, but very fulfilling, and they will have a desire to help preserve Army History.

2) Setting up the Training:

Once you have identified between 4 and 10 potential Ambassadors, set up the training.  Call the USAHEC VAP team and let us know who and where the interested folks are, and we will take care of setting up a venue and assigning an instructor to teach the course.

3) What to Expect:

The Veterans Ambassador Course is a two day program, with both days running for 7-8 hours.  The course consists of learning to represent the USAHEC, how to distribute and collect Veterans Service Surveys, and how to prepare for and conduct oral histories.

To sign up for a training session, just contact the USAHEC VAP coordinator at

Veterans Ambassador Ethics Promise

As a volunteer representative of the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center Veterans Ambassador Program, I am the face of the U.S. Army to many veterans and their families. I understand this responsibility has a direct impact on The United States, The U.S. Army, and myself. Therefore, I promise:

To conduct myself with professionalism as an Ambassador of the USAHEC.

To faithfully represent the USAHEC’s mission to the U.S. Army’s Veterans.

To respect the wishes of the Veterans I work with.

To never abuse a Veteran’s trust.

To never materially benefit from my role as a Veteran Ambassador.

To never commit the U.S. Army to any financial or legal obligation.

I understand that I will be removed as a volunteer representative of the USAHEC if I betray the trust placed in me. I make this pledge freely, and on my personal honor.