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Current Students, Faculty, and Staff of the U.S. Army War College

Resources available in both Root Hall and in the USAHEC complex.

USAWC Subscription Databases

Access to databases in this box is limited to current USAWC students, faculty, and staff. Licensing agreements prevent the U.S. Army War College Library from providing articles or access to our databases to those outside our institution.

For USAWC patrons, please see the password page on the USAWC Forum Teams Site and go to General Files for the USAHEC database login information.

The "Locked" icon denotes links for subscription content which require a login to access.

The "Torch"  icon denotes resources that are searchable via our Database and Journal Search, OCLC. 

U.S. Army War College Basic Searching

YouTube is currently blocked on all government networked devices. This video may be watched on any commercial network via YouTube at the following web address:

Military and Government Resources