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Current Students, Faculty, and Staff of the U.S. Army War College

Resources available in both Root Hall and in the USAHEC complex.

Making A Reservation to View Materials

Information for USAWC Students, Faculty, and Staff

We are looking forward to supporting in-person researchers again. Due to the ongoing pandemic, we have refined some of our previous processes / policies. We ask that you review this page regarding reservations for onsite research and changes to previous procedures in preparation for your visit. Please note that the USAHEC Research Center in Ridgway Hall is a “Closed Stack” facility meaning that all materials must be pulled by our staff. We appreciate your patience and feedback during this time.

What you need to know:

  • USAWC faculty, students, and staff requesting more than 5 books are asked to make a reservation.  
  • Reservations will be limited to those with a requirement for pulled archival materials or more than 5 books.
  • If you cannot attend your reservation time or need to cancel please contact us at least 3 days in advance at
  • Due to limited availability of our staff, we will be unable to assist with in-depth research questions in person, please submit research questions to or, for real-time chat with our research team M-F 0800-1000; 1300-1500 EST, go to 

Making a Reservation

  • Due to our ongoing digitization project and security restrictions, you must make your reservation and request pulled material at least 7 days ahead of your intended visit. If you are only requesting books please request at least 3 days ahead of your intended visit. Please note that based on several factors, some books cannot leave the facility and you will need to read in the Research Center. In that case, we have made space available for reviewing books in our facility.
  • Patrons will be limited to 1 cart (approximately 14 boxes) of archival materials OR 20 book limits. Pull lists can exceed the limits, but no more than 1 cart will be provided to patrons at a time. Requested materials that exceed the limit will be pulled based on availability and provided to patrons as they "complete" carts. Multi-day reservations can request additional pulls after their arrival but must be submitted to staff no later than 1300 the day before you wish to view them. However such pulls may be limited by staff availability and are not guaranteed.  
  • Available hours for appointments will be M-F 1000-1630.
  • We will offer 4 reservation slots per day; each reservation is good for one person only; anyone accompanying you in a formal or informal research capacity must also have their own reservation or they will not be allowed/able to accompany you in the Research Center.
  • You may schedule from 4 hours to 5 days of reservations consecutively. If you require a longer timeframe, an exception may be granted. Also, if demand dictates, we may scale back to 3 or fewer days of consecutive reservations.
  • Please ensure that if you require a camera stand, you book a slot that includes those options.
  • If you are not already a patron with us, please fill out the borrower agreement found here: and email to

While you are here:

  • Staff will issue you a locker to place briefcase, bags, envelopes, purses, hats, heavy outer garments, or umbrellas inside.
  • At the research table, you are allowed to have the following: laptop or other mobile devices, non-flash camera or handheld scanner, pencil, and one notebook or folder. All other materials must be secured in the locker.
  • On the day of your visit, we will place your collection materials at your designated seat number, in time for your arrival.
  • We request that prior to handling materials, please utilize the restroom in the Research Center to wash your hands with soap and water. Hand sanitizer can be damaging to our materials.
  • If you require copies or scans to be made – you must complete an order form for fulfillment at a later time and sent to you based on the Fees for Copies & Reproductions at
  • In most cases, due to reduced staffing, we may not be able to pull materials that you have not requested prior to your reservation.
  • When finished for the day, please leave your cart of materials at your research table. On your last day of your visit, please return your cart to the circulation desk.
  • Once you return collection materials, they will remain in isolation for at least 72 hours before return to the stacks.

You can schedule your reservation here: