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Ukraine : History

This bibliography provides users with an extensive list of resources on the Russo-Ukrainian War, foreign affairs and policies, while providing historical contextual information.

Books: Bessarabia/Moldova

Books: Collectivization and the Holodomor

Books: Comprehensive Ukrainian History

Books: Russia's Wars against the Ottoman Empire in the 18th Century

Books: The Breakup of the Soviet Union

Books: The Great Terror (Yezhovshchina)

Books: The Ukrainian People's Republic, 1917-1920

Books: The Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic

Books: Ukraine and Its Neighbors

Books: Ukraine as Part of Imperial Russia

Books: Ukraine in the Post-Soviet Era

Books: Ukrainian Nationalism

Articles, Papers & Reports

Databases & Websites

Films & Videos

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"Ukraine’s History and Its Centuries-Long Road to Independence". PBS News Hour (March 3, 2022).


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