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Theater Army and MDO: OVERVIEW

Strategic Application of Landpower IRP 2021

"AY21 Strategic Application of Landpower IRP Student Research Findings Summary." U.S. Army War College. Posted July 31, 2021, streaming video, 43:01.

Theater Army Role in Multi-Domain Operations Integrated Research Project 2020

Multi-Domain Operations

Background Information

 In a new era of great power competition, our nation's adversaries seek to achieve their strategic aims, short of conflict, by the use of layered stand-off in the political, military and economic realms to separate the U.S. from our partners. Should conflict come, they will employ multiple layers of stand-off in all domains--land, sea, air, space and cyberspace--to separate U.S. forces and our allies in time, space, and function in order to defeat us. How can the U.S. Army better integrate into the Joint Force to prepare for and conduct Multi-Domain Operations against a near-peer competitor? 

-TRADOC Pamphlet 525-3-1 

IRP Task: Describe a new or modified operational framework to enable successful visualization and mission command of Army and joint forces across all domains in MDO operations (battles and campaigns) against peer competitors.


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