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A.I.: Artificial Intelligence: Generative AI

Resources to get you started exploring the complexities of A.I.

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AI Detection (Identify passages where AI was used)

Directory of AI Tools

Image & Art Generation (Create images from text)

Text Generation (Create text for a specific purpose)

Text Summary Generation (Create summaries of longer text)

Video Generation (Create video from text)

Films & Videos

"Generative A.I.: What's It Good For?". The Economist Videos (May 29, 2023).

"I Challenged My AI Clone to Replace Me for 24 Hours." Stern, Joanna. Wall Street Journal Videos (April 28, 2023).


"Demystifying Deep Fakes". Corvey, Will, et al.  Voices from DARPA Podcast Series, Episode 69 (16 June 2023).