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A.I.: Artificial Intelligence: Human-Machine Teaming

Resources to get you started exploring the complexities of A.I.

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Note: Items with a closed lock iconare USAWC subscription resources and are password protected. All other items are open access and available to the public.


Articles, Papers, & Reports


Films & Videos

"Developing Human-Centric Bipedal Robots." Hurst, Jonathan.  Agility Robotics. The Robot Report Podcast (June 10, 2023).

Scalable Human Machine Ecosystems. DARPAtv (3 February 2023).


"Machine Learning for Armed Conflict Mediation." Arana-Catania, Miguel, Rob Procter, and Felix-Anselm van Lier. The Alan Turing Institute. The Turing Podcast (September 2022).

"The AI Study Buddy at the Army War College with LTC Joe Buffamante." The Convergence: An Army Mad Scientist Podcast, Episode 82 (July 27, 2023).

Archival Resources