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Artificial Intelligence

The AI Ecosystem

Join the Defense Industrial-Initiatives Group and the International Security Program for a discussion on national security, artificial intelligence, and the nexus between AI’s national security applications and its broader commercial applications. At this launch event, we will present the research and findings of our newest report, Artificial Intelligence and National Security: The Importance of the AI Ecosystem. A public panel discussion will follow, where dialogue will focus on opportunities and challenges in AI investment, adoption, and operational management in the context of national and international security. Published by the Center for Strategic & International Studies on November 5, 2018.

The advanced capabilities of AI depend on a complex supportive and technological system—an AI ecosystem. Successfully deploying AI extends far beyond algorithm development. Technology reliability and predictability, a foundational digital capability, a skilled workforce, and ethical policies and guidelines are all required. However, most public and private organizations are woefully underinvested in the supportive structures that AI depends on. This creates a debt that must be paid up-front to allow for successful AI adoption. Taking a strategic approach to AI means investing in the AI ecosystem to pay down debt, especially investments in the workforce, and spreading bets across the AI field. Published by the Center for Strategic & International Studies on November 5, 2018.

The Incredible Inventions of Intuitive AI

What do you get when you give a design tool a digital nervous system? Computers that improve our ability to think and imagine, and robotic systems that come up with (and build) radical new designs for bridges, cars, drones and much more -- all by themselves. Take a tour of the Augmented Age with futurist Maurice Conti and preview a time when robots and humans will work side-by-side to accomplish things neither could do alone. Published by TED on February 28, 2017.