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Resources by Senior Leadership

U.S. Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis

U.S. Secretary of the Army Mark T. Esper

"Army Vision and Modernization Priorities" - Atlantic Council - May 1, 2018 - "Dr. Esper was confirmed by the US Senate, November 15, 2017, and sworn in as the 23rd secretary of the US Army, November 20, 2017, following a career in business, on Capitol Hill, and as a US Army officer. Six months on the job, and the new Secretary of the Army is ready to advance the conversation about implementing his priorities: - How relief from the Budget Control Act caps will fill holes in the accounts that sustain readiness; - How the Futures Command will link operational experience to technical expertise to accelerate modernization; - How reform of organizations, policies, and processes will conserve time, money, and manpower; and - How a recommitment of leaders to Army values can empower the force."

U.S. Chief of Staff of the Army General Mark A. Milley

"Tomorrow's Army: A Conversation with General Mark A. Milley" - New America - March 21, 2017 - "New America and Arizona State University invite you to the Future of War Conference 2017 on March 21 in Washington, D.C. The event will feature leaders from government, military, journalism, academia, and the private sector exploring questions of international security and defense, including: How will military innovations change the future force structure? What lessons can social sciences teach us about what comes next for post-ISIS areas of Iraq and Syria? How big should the U.S. military be? What will U.S. relations with Russia and China look like in four years? With the weaponization of social media, what is the future of war online?"
"Gen. Mark A. Milley - 39th Chief of Staff of the US Army" - Army Cyber Institute - Nov 29, 2017 - speaking at the 2017 International Conference on (Cyber Conflict U.S.)
"A Discussion with: General Mark A. Milley 39th Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army" - Center for Strategic and International Studies - June 23, 2016

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U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford

"Gen. Joe Dunford's remarks at the U.S. Military Academy 2018 Graduation Ceremony" - The Joint Staff - "Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joe Dunford delivers the keynote address to the United States Military Academy graduates of the class of 2018 at West Point, N.Y. May 26, 2018."
"VFW [Veterans of Foreign Wars] Eisenhower Award Presentation and remarks by GEN Joe Dunford" - The Joint Staff - "U.S. Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, receives the VFW Dwight D. Eisenhower Distinguished Service Award and delivers remarks during the 119th Veterans of Foreign Wars VFW National Convention in Kansas City, July 23, 2018. Hear his message to veterans."
"The Dunfords Discuss Civic Responsibility and Service with Military Youth" - The Joint Staff - "Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff U.S. Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford and his wife, Ellyn, spoke with high school students at the Military Child Education Coalition 2018 National Training Seminar in Washington, D.C., July 25, 2018. They discussed leadership, service, and civic responsibility as it related to three historical book selections."