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USAHEC Educators' Toolbox: World War I and Interwar

USAHEC's source toolbox for educators

World War I and Interwar Sources

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Interwar Years

World War I

Short Vignettes for your Classroom

From 1979 through 1985, the Military History Institute (USAMHI) of the USAHEC drew submissions from students and scholars from within the MHI and from throughout the country to publish as Military History Vignettes. Each of these short stories is a well-researched look at a specific topic in military history and is perfect for small group readings and critical thinking discussion in the classroom.

To find additional Military History Vignettes that do not pertain to a specific era, click here.

Life on the Front During World War I
Grade Level: 9-12
Historical Era: World War I
Subject: U.S. History, World History
Introduction: This lesson is intended to help students comprehend a Soldier's experience in war beyond the battles and to understand what the Soldiers relied on to keep life as "normal" as possible. In this lesson, students use photographs from World War I and two surveys completed by Veterans who served on the Western Front to shape their understanding of life on the front during the war.

Lectures at the USAHEC

The USAHEC has several lecture series covering all eras and topics in military and U.S. Army history.

Links to External Resources

"Mopping Up," artwork from the trenches

"Over the top!"

Combat photographer in a gas mask.

Signal Soldiers calling the front.