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Indo-Pacific: OVERVIEW

USAWC Integrated Research Projects about the Asia Pacific

U.S. Army War College. May 26, 2019, streaming video, 1:13:59.

Is the United States Decoupling from Asia’s Economic Architecture?

June 19, 2019, streaming video, 3:59:58. “The annual CSIS-JETRO [Center for Strategic and International Studies-Japan External Trade Organization] conference, available for streaming.”

The Future is Asian: Commerce, Conflict, and Culture in the Twenty-First Century

Atlantic Council. February 27, 2019, streaming video, 1:31:03.

"Asia Forecast 2019" Center for Strategic and International Studies

Center for Strategic and International Studies. January 23, 2019, streaming video, 3:23:03. “Join CSIS experts for their annual preview of political, security, and economic developments across Asia.” • Geopolitics, Leadership, and Alignment • Security Threats • Trade, Growth, and Innovation

Indo-Pacific Economic Architecture: From Blueprint to Reality

Atlantic Council. October 22, 2018, streaming video, 1:29:42. "Please join the Atlantic Council's Asia's Security Initiative, housed within the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security, for a discussion of Japan’s Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy. The discussion will feature three visiting speakers from Japan and South Korea, and address the future of this strategy in a changing global security and economic architecture, and its implications for US-Japan relations."

Examining the Future of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue

Center for Strategic and International Studies. Mar 29, 2019, streaming video, 3:48:34. Program begins 19:19.

The Future of Democracy in Asia

Chatham House. October 1, 2018, streaming video, 1:03:28.

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U.S. Indo-Pacific Strategy

Center for Strategic and International Studies. June 18, 2019, streaming video, 1:54:21. “In July 2018, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced $113 million for new economic and energy initiatives to flesh out the administration’s Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy. These announcements included nearly $50 million for Asia EDGE, an initiative to promote energy security and develop energy markets, and $30 million for an initiative to boost infrastructure investment through financial and technical assistance to partner countries. Secretary Pompeo also voiced strong support for the BUILD Act, which is set to double the U.S. government’s development-finance capacity to $60 billion to support U.S. private investment in strategic opportunities abroad. Nearly one year later, what impact have these initiatives had for U.S. engagement in Southeast Asia?”

Navigating Visions for the Free and Open Indo-Pacific

Atlantic Council. March 29, 2019, streaming video, 2:00:36. Program begins about 33:48.

Reinvigorating U.S. Economic Strategy in the Asia Pacific

Center for Strategic and International Studies. February 15, 2017, streaming video, 1:06:51.

Indo-Asia Pacific: General Information

Power Shift: The Rise of Asia and the Decline of the West?

Chatham House. May 29, 2019, streaming video, 1:03:49.

Center for Strategic and International Studies Asia portfolio

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