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Indo-Pacific: Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka

Understanding Indian Foreign and Security Policy

U.S. Army War College. April 26, 2018, streaming video, 5:18.

U.S. & India: From Estranged Democracies to Natural Allies

Center for Strategic & International Studies. May 14, 2018, streaming video, 3:57:35.

The Next Step Forward for U.S.-India Strategic Ties: Assessing the First 2+2 Dialogue

Center for Strategic & International Studies. September 12, 2018, streaming video, 1:07:34.

Ecology Meets Geopolitics: Water Security in Himalayan Asia

Atlantic Council. April 4, 2019, streaming video, 1:41:56. Program begins about 6:31.

India's Inter-State Water Wars: Causes, Consequences, and Cures

Center for Strategic and International Studies. February 11, 2019, streaming video, 57:57.

Articles: India

Observer Research Foundation

Books and Commentary: India and Pakistan

Sri Lanka


"India in the World, With Sunjoy Joshi" episode of the Council on Foreign Relations podcast "The President's Inbox"

NTL - Nuclear Weapons in South Asia - Dr. Sumit Ganguly

U.S. Army War College. January 14, 2019, streaming video, 57:09.

Will South Asia Ever See Peace?

Council on Foreign Relations. March 25, 2019, streaming video, 1:00:41.

“Special Issue: Security Dilemma and Sino-Indian Relations.” 5 articles. Asian Security 15, no. 1 (January-April 2019)

“Special Issue: The BRI [Belt and Road Initiative] and India’s Neighbourhood – Geopolitics of Connectivity.” 6 articles. Strategic Analysis 43, no. 3 (May-June 2019).

“Special Issue: War and Peace in Contemporary India.” 7 articles. Journal of Strategic Studies 42, no. 5 (August 2019)



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