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USAHEC Military History Toolbox: Historically Minded NCO

Army History and Heritage: Becoming a Historically Minded Soldier and Leader

Noncommissioned Officer History Training Classroom Materials

Course Goal: As part of noncommissioned officer (NCO) training, introduce currently operating Soldiers to the importance and practical application of integrating U.S. Army military history into training to aid in personal and professional development.

Course Scope: This six hour course is divided into three sessions: a 2 hour introductory class, a 2.5 hour skills class, and a 1.5 hour branch-specific general history class. This course is designed for career noncommissioned officers with varying levels of education. Classroom lectures, interactive discussions, and practical exercises will help participants gain a better understanding of utilizing and analyzing historical source materials for both professional development and when training subordinates.

Version: July 2019

Class 1: Why is History and Heritage Important to a U.S. Army Soldier?

Class Activity Materials

Class 2: Methods for USING History

Class Activity Materials

To request a branch-specific version of Class 3, please contact the USAHEC Education team lead -