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USAHEC Military History Toolbox: U.S. Army Historical Documents

The USAHEC is bursting with unclassified/declassified documents, photographs, and other Army history resources waiting to be used as part of your professional development, research, and project planning.

These downloads are one-of-a-kind digitized primary sources you have the freedom to use in your own way. We encourage you to place these materials at the center of a larger lesson, display as supplemental resources in conjunction with your current discussion, and use as critical thinking exercises. These materials offer an unprecedented look at Army and American history.

If you are looking for any specific materials, scroll to the bottom of the page and request assistance to find and use the USAHEC's primary sources.

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We can help with your next mission by finding primary sources and offering advice.


U.S. Army units regularly use our collections in the following missions:

  • Unit history and heritage research
  • Esprit de Corps projects
  • Deployment preparation and geographic area familiarization
  • Subject and topic research (integration, medicine, branch history, weapons systems, etc.)
  • Professional development preparation


The USAHEC Education Team can spend one-on-one time here at the USAHEC or over the phone and email to work with you directly. Simply email us with your name, unit, and what subjects you are looking for, and we can get started.

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Military History Vignette Downloads

"Hip Pocket Training"
Short History Vignettes to Teach Critical Thinking


From 1979 through 1985, the Military History Institute (MHI) of the USAHEC drew submissions from students and scholars from within the MHI and from throughout the country to publish Military History Vignettes. Each of these short stories is a well-researched look at a specific topic in general military history and are perfect for small group readings and critical thinking discussion among Soldiers.


Please download the Vignette Descriptions Tracker FIRST to find the era and theme you are interested in! We have only created a tracker for numbers 1-100, but we will have more available soon!