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USAHEC Military History Toolbox Home

The USAHEC Military History Toolbox

Welcome to the United States Army Heritage and Education Center's Military History Toolbox! This Toolbox is designed to support Soldiers and units in historically based education, professional development, and research missions. To accomplish these goals, the Visitor and Education Services Division has provided information to help unit representatives utilize the USAHEC's resources, plan and execute professional development, and find relevant U.S. Army history to inform your current mission.

Army History Quick Links

The U.S. Army History Enterprise System has several excellent resources for historical training and research.

Check each of our toolbox pages to find more directed resources from other Army history organizations.

  • Center of Military History: CMH is responsible for the appropriate use of history throughout the United States Army. This website contains digitized material to include official Army histories, staff ride guides, regulations, unit histories, and much, much more.
  • Combined Arms Center Publications: The CAC maintains a long list of useful publications ranging from material on current operational thought to historical reviews of various eras in Army history. If you have a subject you need to learn more about, check this list.
    • Military Review: Military Review magazine and website is "the U.S. Army’s cutting edge forum for original thought and debate on the art and science of land warfare. Our authors and readers comprise researchers, politicians, leaders, academics, and heads of industry." You can search the archives for almost any military history subject.
  • USMA Military Atlases: Since 1938, the U.S. Military Academy at West Point has been creating and curating military campaign atlases for use by cadets. You can access them here.
  • TRADOC Command History Publications: This long list of publications created by and for Training and Doctrine Command history training contains materials including the history of training in the Army and branch histories.
  • DOD Dictionary of Military Terms: Managed by the Joint Education and Doctrine Division of the Joint Staff, this searchable dictionary contains all approved definitions, acronyms, and abbreviations for all of the DOD services.