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USAHEC Military History Toolbox: On-site tours and Professional Development

The USAHEC offers Army units single day, three day, and one week professional development courses right here at our facility.


  • General Orientation
  • Topic-Specific Tours
  • Flexible Training Objectives
  • Archival and Artifact Viewing
  • Classrooms / Breakout Rooms

Our facility contains the Army's archives, allowing us to tailor the subject of your professional development to your unit or Army organization. We can support training on how to do research in an archives, how to integrate primary sources into your professional development, reviews of individual Soldier's stories, discussions on integrating Army history into your professional development, and behind-the-scenes orientation to the museum and archives functions of the Army. We can apply themes to the training as well: EEO, Leadership, Tactics, History of Weapons Systems, Branch-specific, Unit History, Army Values in History, and many more.


On-site visits generally require a group of 5-35 participants, and take from two hours to a full week depending on requirements. Participants are responsible for their own travel and incidental expenses, but there is no service fee charged for the course.


Request a USAHEC Orientation or On-site Professional Development Programming


NOTE: The programming offered on this page is for U.S. Army, Department of Defense, and U.S. Government organizations only. Please be prepared to identify your organization when making your request. Scheduling of programming is subject to staff availability.

Request Professional Development

When requesting professional development programming, please include your name, email address, unit/organization, and a general description of your training objectives.