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General Officer Education and Generalship: Budget and Acquisition

The Armed Forces Comptroller

Budgetary Resources: U.S. Allies and Security Partners

Congressional Research Service and Government Accountability Office Reports

The Defense Budget and Challenges - Specific Challenges

Department of Defense’s Service Industrial Base

“Online Event: Department of Defense’s Service Industrial Base.” CSIS. October 1, 2020. Streaming video. 1:02:30. Program starts about 1:46. “The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) invites you to a panel discussion on DoD’s present and future service industrial base featuring: Mr. David Berteau, Ms. Tara Murphy Dougherty, and Mr. Eric Chewning. The discussion will explore the performance challenges of the present moment and examine whether nontraditional firms may find this crisis to be an appealing moment to pursue counter-cyclical defense work. The conversation will be informed by the findings of a recent CSIS report “Measuring Service Contract Performance: Findings on Effects of Service Complexity, Managerial Capacity, and Paired History.’”

The U.S. Federal Budget, Including the Defense Budget - General Overview

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