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General Officer Education and Generalship: Senior Leader Education

General and Flag Officer Development

Developing Strategists: Dwight D. Eisenhower and the Interwar Army War College

The Future of Education in National Security and Beyond

Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Frank Kelley, Sae Schatz, Jason Tyszko, and Ryan Evans. “Scoping the Future of Education in National Security and Beyond.” War on the Rocks (May 14, 2020). “There’s a revolution coming in education that promises to empower lifelong learners in the national security space. In the first of a series of special episodes, pick apart the technological, organizational, and — most importantly — cultural issues at play. What does it all boil down to? What kind of learning should count and how can you make sure it counts? To understand all this, Ryan spoke with Sae Schatz, the Director of the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative; retired Marine Corps Brigadier General Frank Kelley, vice president of Defense Acquisitions University; and Jason Tyszko, the vice president of the Center for Education and Workforce at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation.” Resources discussed in the podcast include the following:

Professional Military Education: Podcasts

Conversino, Mark, Joan Johnson-Freese, and Ryan Evans. “Airmen, Sailors, and the Schoolhouse.” War on the Rocks. Streaming audio. August 24, 2020. “As a part of our exploration of national security learning, we had Joan Johnson-Freese of the Naval War College and Mark Conversino of Air University on the show. Tune into this rich and wide-ranging conversation on what’s right and wrong with professional military education in the Navy and Air Force.”
Mullen, William F., III, and Ryan Evans. “Learn Like A Marine.” War on the Rocks podcast. Streaming audio. August 18, 2020. 30:11.

Professional Military Education: History

"War Room" Resources about Senior Service Colleges

Selected Articles: Professional Military Education

Officer Professional Military Education Policy (OPMEP)

Selected Monographs: Professional Military Education

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